Ken prepares for solo trip to Senegal

23 11 2010

Ken Roderick will travel to Senegal next week to work with a Senegalese contractor.   He will be putting his technical skills and Contracting experience to use as he labors and interacts with local Senegalese workers.  His intention is to learn first hand how construction is done in Senegal so that he can lead future mission teams.  Ken will be meeting with the architect of the proposed vocational school that SSMN will be supporting.   This school will focus on providing a practical education and trade for the street boys and Talibé boys who end up being homeless by age 15 with no skills to support themselves. This school will serve as a source of hands-on vocational training and hope for a brighter future for these young men.

Ken will be traveling solo and will be staying with the Davis family in St. Louis.  Now that’s commitment!