February 2015 Update

20 02 2015

Greetings! Our team in Senegal has been spending a lot of time planning and strategizing for 2015, and seeking wisdom to know how to navigate the many gaps in areas such as personnel, cultural differences, and available resources.

Each day presents its unique challenges –   …..one of our mechanics students is in need of medical help for his hip and may need a hip replacement…..

As well as its hope and solutions –  ……. the large supply of welding equipment we received in the fall and hope to use for welding classes eventually, for now is being put to use to weld up engine stands for mechanics classes!!!

Your ongoing support, encouragement, time and ideas are a vital part of SSMN; as we strive together to connect resources in our own community with the needs of those who are trapped in the cycle of hopeless despair and poverty. We look forward to our ongoing partnership in 2015, and Thank You!!!woundcare