New Update From Missionaries In Senegal

9 06 2013

New update from our Missionaries in Senegal, Michelle and Brian: There are a lot of amazing things that God is doing here as well as throughout the world through different people!

Here is a little bit of what He is doing in Senegal!

A friend of mine (Michelle) just visited. She is a seeker and has come to a few events at church and several Sunday services. During our discussion, she mentioned that she would like to come to church this Sunday, because the sermons give her lots of good things to things about and our prayers are accepted by God. She went on to say that when she was sick recently, the pastor’s wife visited her and prayed with her. My friend looked at me with amazement and said, “I was healed that day. When you and the people who go to your church pray, God hears you.”
Please pray for my friend– that she would come to know Christ as her Savior.

Since March, I have been participating in a new ladies group in my neighborhood that meets every other week. The group consists of three ladies from our church and five to six ladies from my neighborhood who any not yet followers of Christ. We spend part of the time doing a craft, talking, and eating snacks, and then the pastor’s wife shares a biblical story. She is using a series of wolof biblical storying books that tell of God’s story starting in Genesis and continuing through Revelation. Currently, we are in Genesis. Attending this group is one of the highlights of the week for me. These ladies are precious to me and I long for them to know my Savior.