Ken Returns!

7 12 2010

Listen to what the Davis’ (our missionary partners in Senegal) had to say about Ken’s recent visit:

“Just wanted to let you know that Ken was a great blessing to us. We had a great week. He was able to see lots of different construction sites at different stages and asked lots of questions. It was great to have him crunch numbers with Brian over the architect plans. He has a great program that graphically presented the building project.  He also did some very important relationship things with the Senegalese by spending the afternoon at our church yendoo (picnic like hang out) … and visiting a church family with us …”   -Michelle

Ken’s visit has expanded SSMN’s involvement and insight into the proposed vocational training center in St. Louis, Senegal.  This project will be divided into several phases:  the initial phase is groundbreaking (perimeter wall, septic system, foundations, and such), next is housing (director’s residence and housing for Talibé or street boys), next for shops and storefronts (2 workshops, 1 store to sell products made in the shops, 1 hair salon, 1 medical consultation room) and finally,  classrooms (4 classrooms, 1 conference room, 1 library, 1 office).

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.    –John