April 2015 Update: Trip to Senegal

19 04 2015

SSMN recently put together a team of 20 people that served as a “virtual mission team”. We chose not to send a full team to Senegal this year because of the Ebola scare in West Africa. We did, however, want to maintain our relationships with the workers in the field; so the “virtual team” brainstormed, contacted our workers, fundraised and put together videos, letters and “care packages”.  They commissioned John Littlefield and Bob Cogan to personally deliver these tokens of our thoughts, prayers and encouragements. John and Bob spent last week visiting with Senegalese families, overseeing a vaccination program, doing some light work at the vocational school, and teaching and renewing relationships at the local hospital.

John said: “this was one of my most satisfying and productive trips. It was an opportunity to spend quality time with our friends and to see the genuine delight they had in receiving updates from their friends at South Shore Community Church. Our time and gifts showed in a tangible way that we value them as partners and are thinking of and praying for them regularly.”

In a culture where relationship is far more valuable than “doing”, this trip solidified our partnership and opened doors for more productive work in community development for the future.

SSMN Virtual Blog Pic

Dr. John Littlefield’s trip to Senegal.

11 04 2015

Dr. John Littlefield, Director of SSMN, is currently in Senegal. Updates of his trip are being sent via the Shore to Shore Mission Network facebook page.