Fall Mission Team Forming Now

25 07 2016

Marcy w/ childrenWe will be sending a mission team to Saint Louis, Senegal from Nov. 12-21, 2016.  Once again we will be working with our friends/partners at the Yoonu Njub community center where they operate a girl’s and boy’s vocational school, medical clinic and various community outreach programs.  We’re still working out the details of projects, but we expect to run an eye clinic and participate in community outreach, especially with the street kids, on this trip

In the past this trip has proven to be transformational for both those we serve and those who participate on the team.  This team is forming now.  Our first/informational meeting will be Wed, Aug 3, 7pm at the South Shore Community Church office : 100 Laurel St.,  East Bridgewater, MA

Please contact John or come to the first meeting if you are considering joining us in Senegal in November.

Brockton, Massachusetts

14 02 2016


Brockton City of Champions_zpsmod7yohkWith a population of over 93,000, Brockton is the 7th largest city in Massachusetts.
Once a powerhouse of manufacturing, and brought to glory by producing prize fighters such as Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler; Brockton has fallen on hard times.
The ‘City of Champions’ now faces deep economic and social issues; such as poverty, homelessness, epidemic drug usage, gangs, and a place on the list of the nation’s most violent cities.
In 2016, we at SSMN turn our hearts and attention to our neighbors in Brockton, in hopes that we might lend a helping hand with initiatives such as an urban gardening project; as well as “ServeUp Brockton” – a program that will bring teams of college students to serve Brockton’s poor and homeless, and grapple with issues such as social justice.
This partnership with Love Alliance, Universal Missionary Church and Intervarsity holds enormous potential to bring hope and instigate positive change in Brockton, as well as offer practical support to our neighbors in need.     http://www.intervarsity.orgc58bb6e92199d374f6fb76a984266b73

Happy New Year 2016!

21 01 2016
2015 was another exciting year of progress towards our mission to “bring about sustainable change and a healthier standard of living to the Pikine community in St. Louis, Senegal”.
In the past year, multiple outreach activities have started or expanded, including prenatal and diabetes clinics, prison outreach, and kids’ clubs. The first semester at the new Boys’ Vocational School was a success and all of the boys are currently involved in internships. Attendance at the Girls’ School has tripled and a search is underway for a new building to accommodate this remarkable growth.
The outreach program for local boys continues to expand; with medical evaluations and care, monthly meals, shoes, clothing, showers, etc.. We have also committed to 3 years of staff funding for the Yoonu Njub Clinic, with continued and observable health improvement in the population served.
The past year has also brought much growth and maturity for our Senegal partners, whose many sacrifices and tireless labors drive this mission forward on a daily basis. As always, we are extremely grateful to them; as well as to all of those who are able to contribute time, resources, financial assistance and moral support.
2016 promises to be a New Year of challenges and victories, trials and blessings, new problems and new progress. We are full of hopeful expectation as we move forward in service to this community that we have grown to love.10649779_10204019265818446_8748767754963828844_n

Merry Christmas from SSMN

29 12 2015

senegal christmas.jpgWe at SSMN hope your Christmas was a blessed one.   2016 will bring some new and exciting projects for us.  We continue to fund and support the medical clinic and schools in St. Louis, Senegal.

In addition,  we begin several local projects, including a partnership with LoveAlliance and InterVarsity to bring college students to Brockton to serve the poor and homeless.  Stay tuned for more heart and community changing work.

Please consider a year end tax-deductible gift to support SSMN’s life changing projects.  Thank you for your interest and support.  You do make a difference!      -John Littlefield, Executive Director, SSMNimgres

November 2015

23 11 2015

With hearts full of gratitude for our partners in St. Louis, Senegal – their many sacrifices, tireless efforts, and great accomplishments to date – ,  we at SSMN wish each of you a warm and very Happy Thanksgiving.


August 2015 Update

20 08 2015

This summer, SSMN team partners have collected over $7,000
worth of tools and equipment for the Boys’ Center
in St. Louis. In addition, a new teacher has been hired who will start in October if finances can be worked out.
More teachers (French or Wolof speaking) are
needed to continue running the Mechanics School, but hopes
are high and expectations are great that all of the
projects in St. Louis will continue to blossom, thrive and
grow as we head into a new
season.  Thank you for
your continued interest and


June 2015 Update

23 06 2015


May 2015 Update

20 05 2015
Very happy news comes to us from the Boys’ Vo-Tech school in St. Louis, Senegal. In March, we learned that school workers had put together $3,000.00 for a hurting student to receive a needed hip replacement. The surgery was a success!! The student received the hip replacement, with a needed leg extension of 8 cm. A school worker takes the student to physical therapy sessions, and he is healing amazingly fast! Although he needs to sit in a lounge chair while he is healing, he is back in school and working very hard. He enjoys being back in school and is so appreciative of all that has been done for him.

Warmest welcome home to the Davis family, who have returned to the USA for a year! It is nice to have them here with us for a while, though they will miss their work in Senegal and the people there whom they have grown to love.

April 2015 Update: Trip to Senegal

19 04 2015

SSMN recently put together a team of 20 people that served as a “virtual mission team”. We chose not to send a full team to Senegal this year because of the Ebola scare in West Africa. We did, however, want to maintain our relationships with the workers in the field; so the “virtual team” brainstormed, contacted our workers, fundraised and put together videos, letters and “care packages”.  They commissioned John Littlefield and Bob Cogan to personally deliver these tokens of our thoughts, prayers and encouragements. John and Bob spent last week visiting with Senegalese families, overseeing a vaccination program, doing some light work at the vocational school, and teaching and renewing relationships at the local hospital.

John said: “this was one of my most satisfying and productive trips. It was an opportunity to spend quality time with our friends and to see the genuine delight they had in receiving updates from their friends at South Shore Community Church. Our time and gifts showed in a tangible way that we value them as partners and are thinking of and praying for them regularly.”

In a culture where relationship is far more valuable than “doing”, this trip solidified our partnership and opened doors for more productive work in community development for the future.

SSMN Virtual Blog Pic

Dr. John Littlefield’s trip to Senegal.

11 04 2015

Dr. John Littlefield, Director of SSMN, is currently in Senegal. Updates of his trip are being sent via the Shore to Shore Mission Network facebook page.