March 2015 Update

20 03 2015
Although the need is always far greater than our capacity to meet it, 2015 sees the endeavors of SSMN’s partners in St. Louis, Senegal thriving and growing. 4949f55b-0b2a-4328-9f1b-ba746f5b81ec
There are 55 students in the girls’ school; and the Vo-Tech school for boys is running strong…..although we need more teachers and a Director. The teaching job includes giving these boys care they do not find elsewhere, and several workers  have put together $3,000.00 for one of their students to get a needed hip replacement.
Each Saturday, the Vo-Tech Center bustles as boys pour in from surrounding neighborhoods for Kid’s Club, where they enjoy activities such as storytelling and soccer on the roof; and also receive love and nurturing. It may not have felt like love at the time, when recently some of the local street boys were given basic vaccinations – since their living conditions place them at greatest risk for preventable illnesses.
The medical programs continue to expand. The EBOLA prevention kits have been completed. Between 15-30 diabetics are seen a week and glucometers have been distributed to those in need; and a cooking class provided to teach healthy food choices for diabetics. Vicki Vaccine
The pregnancy clinic is also progressing, and more babies are being saved as doors are opened to more families in crisis.
3,000 miles from home, and struggling against recent Hammatan dust storms that have left workers sneezing, coughing, and mopping the floors several times a day – efforts are paying off and we are helping to make a difference in the lives of these precious people.