November 2014 Update

20 11 2014

School has started!!!!!!!

A task that seemed overwhelming is finally taking shape. Just a year ago, we had an unfinished building – and a big, unfulfilled dream to begin a school for boys.

On Monday, October 20, 2014, six students arrived at our boys’ vocational center in Northwest Senegal to begin an automechanics course.

We are starting small, since we have no director and just one vocational instructor, but in the future we would like to add instructors and offer courses in welding and carpentry.

Already, in the evenings the center has also become a multi-purpose venue where local children come to play, hear stories, display crafts, perform ceremonies and receive wound care.

Part of our desire has been to equip local street boys in our city with a trade which will enable them to support themselves and their families. Our dream is larger than our abilities and resources, but to come as far as we have already is a miracle!boysschoolsenegal-boys-care

Some of our current needs are: at least one car engine and a vehicle for various labs and practical application, and more instructors to teach language, literacy and vocational courses.

We will keep you posted as our dream continues to blossom into reality!

June Update

13 06 2014

Hello Shore to Shore Community,

Here is another update from Saint-Louis, Senegal:

We are excited to announce that there will be an “English conversation class at the vocational training center in the next few weeks for junior high and high school students. We are hoping to highlight the new center, serve the community, and make new contacts in the neighborhood. There may also be computer classes weekly offered as well.”

As well, we are “working hard on curriculum and planning for the opening of the vocational training center this coming October.”

We are still waiting on a director for the Vocational School, which the opening of the school is quickly approaching.
We are excited as well to have more team members join our team here in Saint-Louis to continue serving this community!

Thank you for supporting this team as they work towards helping this city!

April Update

8 04 2014

During SSMN’s most recent trip to Senegal, our team was amazed by how many outreach and community building opportunities that were happening in Senegal. One of the team members, Ed Ivaldi, was especially touched by the ministry that Dan, one of the missionaries we sponsor, has started in Senegal.  We wanted to share just a small story about what Ed and Bruce Pelletier are trying to do in our community to build up the community in Saint-Louis, Senegal.


“Before leaving Senegal in January, I had talked with Dan about how he was going to setup the Welding Shop in the new boys school, and what his greatest needs were.  Based on those discussions, God put it on my heart when I got back home,  to reach out to a member of our church (who is a welder) to team with him to see what we could do to seek out donors of welding equipment / supplies.  At this point, we have about 1/2 dozen major companies that are willing to donate supplies and/ or money.  Our hope is that by the end of this month, we will have acquired most of the welding equipment/supplies that Dan needs to support the opening of the Boys School in the fall.  Logistically, we have to get all the equipment to a warehouse in North Carolina by June 1, where it will then be shipped to Senegal.  It been so cool and a blessing to see how these companies have jumped right in, to support something they haven’t even seen.  Still lots of details to cover in the next month or so, but we are well on our way to making the Boys School dream a reality.”


It is truly amazing to hear that our community here in America is coming together to help another community over 3,000 miles away! Thank you everyone for all your support!

Attached is the most recent photo of the completed Boy’s School!Image

Update: March 2014

3 03 2014

Another update from Saint-Louis, Senegal:
It was a little more than 1 month ago that we sent a team to Senegal to help serve the community of Saint-Louis. While we were there, we had the opportunity to share our lives with the community. One of our missionary couples said:
“It was super-encouraging having the short-term team here. …, they helped us… beyond anything that we could do ourselves … Before we even moved into our neighborhood, one neighbor lady came up to us, telling us about how her body hurts. We told her that we were sorry, but had nothing physical to offer her to help her out. … she continued to remind us about her little aches and pains. As we were in charge of signing people up for the free medical clinics the week before the short term team came, we were thrilled to offer her a ticket…. our neighbor was among those blessed by the free care. (V.B). got to greet her when she came in and screen her blood pressure and glucose, and after her consultation with the doctor, (E.B) was able to pray for her in the optional prayer room we offered to the patients. Not only was she able to find help for her physical needs, she was able to see that we are there for her spiritual needs as well.”

-For the protection of those who live in Senegal, names have been omitted.


“Mission Possible” THIS Saturday

20 02 2014

Here’s a taste of what is in store for you at our “Mission Possible” night this Saturday, 2/22, from 6-8p at SSCC, 192 Torrey St., Brockton, MA.

Join us to hear about the progress we have made over the 5 years that we have been involved in Senegal.  Hear about the experiences of our most recent team.  I hope to see you there!  –John

Senegal Mission Team Returns!

4 02 2014

Come to “MISSION POSSIBLE” on Saturday 2/22, 6-8p , at SSCC, 191 Torrey St, Brockton, MA.  Our January mission team will present their impressions of the trip.

Here’s a snapshot:  We:

  • Took a 12 person team to Saint Louis, Senegal
  • Delivered medicines / supplies / eyeglasses and treated over 150 adults and another 200 poor street boys.
  • Supplied laptops and set up a computer lab in the new vocational school.
  • Taught English conversation in the local Islamic public middle school.
  • Ran a clinic and care day for street boys.
  • Lectured and delivered medical equipment to the local hospital.
  • Observed obvious emotional, spiritual, and physical growth in this community since our last trip.

Come and hear more at “Mission Possible” on Sat, 2/22, 6-8p at South Shore Community Church, 191 Torrey St, Brockton, MA.  Brian Davis, our Senegal missionary will also be here to speak as well.

Day Four and Five

24 01 2014

I sincerely apologize for missing last night update, but we got in very late last night, approximately midnight because we had the privilege of visiting other families homes who are part of the church here in Saint-Louis.  Yesterday we got to spend some time with the Talibe children. In short, Talibe children are children who have been given up to a Muslim preacher to be taken as his own and taught the Quran.  What ends up happening is these children end up on the street begging for food and money and are not well taken care of.  So yesterday, we set up a medical clinic and played with the children for the day as well as fed them.  It was quite a rewarding experience and something that cannot be expressed in a short amount of words.  Today, we got to spend some time going out of Saint-Louis and to a bird park to see native Senegalese birds, wild boar, and crocodiles, and lizards!  It was a nice break to just spend some time with the team and the missionaries here.  Looking forward to tomorrows celebration!!