May 2015 Update

20 05 2015
Very happy news comes to us from the Boys’ Vo-Tech school in St. Louis, Senegal. In March, we learned that school workers had put together $3,000.00 for a hurting student to receive a needed hip replacement. The surgery was a success!! The student received the hip replacement, with a needed leg extension of 8 cm. A school worker takes the student to physical therapy sessions, and he is healing amazingly fast! Although he needs to sit in a lounge chair while he is healing, he is back in school and working very hard. He enjoys being back in school and is so appreciative of all that has been done for him.

Warmest welcome home to the Davis family, who have returned to the USA for a year! It is nice to have them here with us for a while, though they will miss their work in Senegal and the people there whom they have grown to love.

April 2015 Update: Trip to Senegal

19 04 2015

SSMN recently put together a team of 20 people that served as a “virtual mission team”. We chose not to send a full team to Senegal this year because of the Ebola scare in West Africa. We did, however, want to maintain our relationships with the workers in the field; so the “virtual team” brainstormed, contacted our workers, fundraised and put together videos, letters and “care packages”.  They commissioned John Littlefield and Bob Cogan to personally deliver these tokens of our thoughts, prayers and encouragements. John and Bob spent last week visiting with Senegalese families, overseeing a vaccination program, doing some light work at the vocational school, and teaching and renewing relationships at the local hospital.

John said: “this was one of my most satisfying and productive trips. It was an opportunity to spend quality time with our friends and to see the genuine delight they had in receiving updates from their friends at South Shore Community Church. Our time and gifts showed in a tangible way that we value them as partners and are thinking of and praying for them regularly.”

In a culture where relationship is far more valuable than “doing”, this trip solidified our partnership and opened doors for more productive work in community development for the future.

SSMN Virtual Blog Pic

Dr. John Littlefield’s trip to Senegal.

11 04 2015

Dr. John Littlefield, Director of SSMN, is currently in Senegal. Updates of his trip are being sent via the Shore to Shore Mission Network facebook page.


March 2015 Update

20 03 2015
Although the need is always far greater than our capacity to meet it, 2015 sees the endeavors of SSMN’s partners in St. Louis, Senegal thriving and growing. 4949f55b-0b2a-4328-9f1b-ba746f5b81ec
There are 55 students in the girls’ school; and the Vo-Tech school for boys is running strong…..although we need more teachers and a Director. The teaching job includes giving these boys care they do not find elsewhere, and several workers  have put together $3,000.00 for one of their students to get a needed hip replacement.
Each Saturday, the Vo-Tech Center bustles as boys pour in from surrounding neighborhoods for Kid’s Club, where they enjoy activities such as storytelling and soccer on the roof; and also receive love and nurturing. It may not have felt like love at the time, when recently some of the local street boys were given basic vaccinations – since their living conditions place them at greatest risk for preventable illnesses.
The medical programs continue to expand. The EBOLA prevention kits have been completed. Between 15-30 diabetics are seen a week and glucometers have been distributed to those in need; and a cooking class provided to teach healthy food choices for diabetics. Vicki Vaccine
The pregnancy clinic is also progressing, and more babies are being saved as doors are opened to more families in crisis.
3,000 miles from home, and struggling against recent Hammatan dust storms that have left workers sneezing, coughing, and mopping the floors several times a day – efforts are paying off and we are helping to make a difference in the lives of these precious people.

February 2015 Update

20 02 2015

Greetings! Our team in Senegal has been spending a lot of time planning and strategizing for 2015, and seeking wisdom to know how to navigate the many gaps in areas such as personnel, cultural differences, and available resources.

Each day presents its unique challenges –   … of our mechanics students is in need of medical help for his hip and may need a hip replacement…..

As well as its hope and solutions –  ……. the large supply of welding equipment we received in the fall and hope to use for welding classes eventually, for now is being put to use to weld up engine stands for mechanics classes!!!

Your ongoing support, encouragement, time and ideas are a vital part of SSMN; as we strive together to connect resources in our own community with the needs of those who are trapped in the cycle of hopeless despair and poverty. We look forward to our ongoing partnership in 2015, and Thank You!!!woundcare

Virtual Mission Trip to Senegal

29 01 2015

As many of you know, we will be unable to send a team to Senegal this year.  However, we don’t want to miss the oppunnamedortunity to bless and maintain the relationships that we have established in Saint Louis, Senegal.

So we are putting together a “Virtual team”.  This team will be producing video and other media that will convey our commitment and love for our partners abroad. The team will brainstorm ways that we can effectively encourage and help this mission field.  Our first meeting is THIS SUNDAY, Feb 1 from 12:30-2 at SSCC in the main meeting room downstairs.  If you want to be involved, please attend this orientation meeting.

December 2014 Update

20 12 2014

December is here in Senegal!!! Temperatures have dropped to a brisk 63 (at least in the mornings). For the first time in months –armgirl socks, sweatpants and scarves are essential wardrobe items!

We are so blessed as 2014 draws to a close. Your interest and support has enabled us to continue the important work we are doing here in Senegal: the boys’ vocational school, the girls’ school, diabetes clinic, prenatal clinic, and language learning to build relationships.

Thank you very much!! We look forward to communicating more about our progress in the bright new year ahead of us!

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