Brockton, Massachusetts

14 02 2016


Brockton City of Champions_zpsmod7yohkWith a population of over 93,000, Brockton is the 7th largest city in Massachusetts.
Once a powerhouse of manufacturing, and brought to glory by producing prize fighters such as Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler; Brockton has fallen on hard times.
The ‘City of Champions’ now faces deep economic and social issues; such as poverty, homelessness, epidemic drug usage, gangs, and a place on the list of the nation’s most violent cities.
In 2016, we at SSMN turn our hearts and attention to our neighbors in Brockton, in hopes that we might lend a helping hand with initiatives such as an urban gardening project; as well as “ServeUp Brockton” – a program that will bring teams of college students to serve Brockton’s poor and homeless, and grapple with issues such as social justice.
This partnership with Love Alliance, Universal Missionary Church and Intervarsity holds enormous potential to bring hope and instigate positive change in Brockton, as well as offer practical support to our neighbors in need.     http://www.intervarsity.orgc58bb6e92199d374f6fb76a984266b73



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