Happy New Year 2016!

21 01 2016
2015 was another exciting year of progress towards our mission to “bring about sustainable change and a healthier standard of living to the Pikine community in St. Louis, Senegal”.
In the past year, multiple outreach activities have started or expanded, including prenatal and diabetes clinics, prison outreach, and kids’ clubs. The first semester at the new Boys’ Vocational School was a success and all of the boys are currently involved in internships. Attendance at the Girls’ School has tripled and a search is underway for a new building to accommodate this remarkable growth.
The outreach program for local boys continues to expand; with medical evaluations and care, monthly meals, shoes, clothing, showers, etc.. We have also committed to 3 years of staff funding for the Yoonu Njub Clinic, with continued and observable health improvement in the population served.
The past year has also brought much growth and maturity for our Senegal partners, whose many sacrifices and tireless labors drive this mission forward on a daily basis. As always, we are extremely grateful to them; as well as to all of those who are able to contribute time, resources, financial assistance and moral support.
2016 promises to be a New Year of challenges and victories, trials and blessings, new problems and new progress. We are full of hopeful expectation as we move forward in service to this community that we have grown to love.10649779_10204019265818446_8748767754963828844_n



One response

21 01 2016
Fred Kern

Now that is a beautiful thing!
Thanks be to God, and his faithful servants, for making this happen!
Fred Kern

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