June Update

13 06 2014

Hello Shore to Shore Community,

Here is another update from Saint-Louis, Senegal:

We are excited to announce that there will be an “English conversation class at the vocational training center in the next few weeks for junior high and high school students. We are hoping to highlight the new center, serve the community, and make new contacts in the neighborhood. There may also be computer classes weekly offered as well.”

As well, we are “working hard on curriculum and planning for the opening of the vocational training center this coming October.”

We are still waiting on a director for the Vocational School, which the opening of the school is quickly approaching.
We are excited as well to have more team members join our team here in Saint-Louis to continue serving this community!

Thank you for supporting this team as they work towards helping this city!



One response

14 06 2014

C’est bon! C’est mangifique! Je suis tres heureux d’entendre votre classe ESOW commence! Yippee!

Are you all set with materials? Do you need anything? Apple for the teacher? VeggieTales dvd’s in Wolof? B-)

I’m wicked excited you guys!!


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