Day Four and Five

24 01 2014

I sincerely apologize for missing last night update, but we got in very late last night, approximately midnight because we had the privilege of visiting other families homes who are part of the church here in Saint-Louis.  Yesterday we got to spend some time with the Talibe children. In short, Talibe children are children who have been given up to a Muslim preacher to be taken as his own and taught the Quran.  What ends up happening is these children end up on the street begging for food and money and are not well taken care of.  So yesterday, we set up a medical clinic and played with the children for the day as well as fed them.  It was quite a rewarding experience and something that cannot be expressed in a short amount of words.  Today, we got to spend some time going out of Saint-Louis and to a bird park to see native Senegalese birds, wild boar, and crocodiles, and lizards!  It was a nice break to just spend some time with the team and the missionaries here.  Looking forward to tomorrows celebration!!









One response

25 01 2014

That is so great that you were able to help those children! Enjoy the remainder of your trip and know: If God is for us then who can be against us! See you soon. Michelle

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