Day Three: Speechless

22 01 2014

Today has been a long day, but a very rewarding one.  Again, the medical team worked at the clinic testing for high blood pressure and diabetes.  The rest of us heading down the street to the local school and taught the children about the hazards of smoking.  It was quiet an interesting experience express ourselves to children who could barley us.

I titled this small update speechless for one main reason.  This afternoon we got to spend some time with many different people from the surrounding community.  We got to just celebrate with each other despite the differences of language and culture.  There was such great unity within the room and the joy was overflowing and so evident!  It was a joy to take part in, connecting barriers and communities. 








3 responses

22 01 2014

Love reading the updates since we are not big Facebook people! So glad the trip is going well!

22 01 2014
Michelle Margeson

So awesome to hear what God is doing! Still praying for all of you there in Senegal.

23 01 2014
Diane Read

Please tell John I am with all of you in Spirit, lifting you in prayer on Angels wings! My regards to Pastor Malek and his wife and family and church family. I am so happy that you are all there to actually see the school completed and up and running……gosh! How I wish I was tbere! Look forward to reading the blogs everyday…..Love and Peace to all…..Diane Read

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