Day Two: New Experiences

21 01 2014

Today has been a very long day.  This morning started similar with the medical clinic with the medical team.  A group of eight, those of us who are not medical inclined, walked over to the local school and taught a class of English to 14-16 year olds.  It is always a new experience when teaching a new language to teenagers who cannot understand you nor you them.  In the afternoon we had the pleasure of going to people to who belong to the church homes.  We got to hear their stories and their experiences living in Saint-Louis.  We went to three different homes and listening to all of their stories was incredibly eye opening. Again a long day and we are all very much so looking forward to getting into bed. Tomorrow is going to be more medical clinic and teaching.  We are all looking forward to tomorrows events. Goodnight.






One response

21 01 2014

Hang in there! I remember as one who desperately needs my sleep , on the last trip being so exhausted that I just wanted to honestly cop out on the next thing we were going to do and then The Lord spoke to me and said drink it in. don’t miss a minute of this experience. I did just that and a am telling you it became an amazing experience. So much so that I long to be with you all now. Drink it in and not only will you bless others but you will be blessed.

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