Septmeber Update

19 09 2013

Girls' school

Throughout the past month or so, there have been several transitions that have been going on in Senegal.


Here’s what our new partner missionary, Becca, writes:  “The first few weeks in country have been plagued with many difficult situations including a house robbery, a minor car accident, many illnesses, major flooding and sewage problems, financial needs, first time separations from family members and major cultural adjustments.”


 Although there are struggles, the team is stronger than ever, willing to face anything to overcome this phase in their work.  These struggles have also brought the community closer, as neighbors are opening their doors and welcoming our teams into the community.

One man commented on the “wonderful work with the girl’s school” with which we partner.  He showed us two pictures of girls that had graduated and were now benefitting the community.  He said that they were changed young ladies who had been on the wrong path but were now on the right path.  The name of our school is Yoonu Njub, which means the Way of Righteousness.”


We are looking forward to what the future brings to our team, hoping and praying that they will be protected from what is heading their way next.


Quotes from one of our team members update.



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